This Website Is Hosted on Hostinger Netherlands

This website is created to monitor the uptime and server response speed of Hostinger’s datacenters in Netherlands. We study the data we collected from this site and consolidate them in our comprehensive review. For more information regarding Hostinger’s web hosting plans, you might want to check out our full review over here!

If you’ve accidentally stumbled upon this website, note that this site is created for the sole purpose of tracking the performance of Hostinger’s web hosting services in North America.

This test site runs on Hostinger’s Premium Shared Hosting plan.

At Bitcatcha, we dedicate our work hours to researching web hosting options for our readers, offering them the closest possible experience with a hosting company so they can make an informed decision about their purchase. Our reviews are in-depth, and we cover everything we possibly can so that our readers don’t have to.

This mission led us to create this website, as it is the only way to actively track Hostinger’s shared services in real-world applications.

You can expect to see uptime tracking results, server response tests, and anything else we might come up with over here. If you’re so inclined, to hop on over to our site to check out our detailed review on Hostinger’s Shared Services!

Results: Hostinger Netherlands Uptime (March 2019 – Today)

We also tracked the uptime of this test site via a free monitoring tool called Uptime Robot. Hostinger’s uptime guarantee is 99.9% so we don’t want to see this site’s uptime dip below that. We would prefer it if the uptime manages to stay at 100%, but that won’t be possible with so many variables involved ( glitchy tracker, network going down, etc)

(This counter is constantly updating.)

Results: Hostinger Netherlands Server Speed Test Results

We place a lot of emphasis on speed because speed can make or break a website. We test Hostinger’s shared hosting services using our very own speed tracking tool which emulates 10 people from all parts of the world accessing this test site at the same time. By gathering data on how long the server takes to respond to each of those requests, we get a worldwide average of how fast the server responds to pings from around the world.

We benchmark these results against Google’s recommended response time of below 200 ms.

We took the data from each of our nodes and averaged them out to get our results. In our case, Hostinger Netherlands scored an average of 141.3 ms, which puts them in our A+ category of web hosts! Check out the result below:

  • Rating: A+
  • Worldwide Average Speed: 141.3 ms
  • Average Speed in Europe: 9.5 ms
  • See The Full Report